We offer immigration services including Immigration Consultation, Spouse Visa and UK Citizenship advice. We can help in all other aspects of immigration advice.


We can advise on:

  • Staying in the UK after Brexit
  • Getting British citizenship
  • Getting a visa for your spouse or partner
  • Staying in the UK after a divorce
  • Being in the UK illegally
  • What to do once you get refugee status
  • On immigration and nationality issues we are registered with the Office of the Immigration Serviced Commissioner to give first level advice

We provide free and independent advice and support in BD8 and BD9

As we are a registered charity, we kindly ask for a small donation of £50 upon the completion of any application.

Sajila worked with me to map out the issues so they are now more manageable. I’m so grateful for all the support, it has helped me make positive changes.
Staff helped me deal with threats from my landlord. I feel much more confident to deal with the situation now and what to say to him.
My adviser helped me to sort out my benefits claim. They listened attentively and asked me all the necessary questions in relation to the claim. I feel so relieved this is now resolved. Thank you.
It’s amazing to feel that someone is on your side. What you do at Manningham Project is fantastic.